We are established in 1995, We regularly introduce new designs, colors and styles in our products to suit the tastes of our customers.
We have accomplished this task as our company is professionally managed and promoted by people who ensure that creativity is given full freedom to blossom
and talent is nurtured in the company.


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Brief Introduction of Pashmina / Cashmere

Pashmina cashmere, also known as the "diamond fiber" and the "soft gold of high Asia", is the most precious of natural fibres. Pashmina is the thin, inner coat of hair
of the Himalayan mountain goat Capra Hircus that thrives at over 12,000 feet above sea level in the Himalayas.

Cashmere Hand weaving Process

Artisans, mostly women, separate the thinnest, silkiest hairs and weave them into various articles that are luxuriously soft, warm, lightweight, and durable. A few years
ago pashminas were mainly woven plain but there are now a variety of other weaves to choose from, such as twill, herringbone, basket weave, stripes, random weave
Pashmina comes naturally in off white, gray or brown but the wool is easily dyed to complement any color scheme. Dyeing is done manually using colorfast eco-friendly

The following steps are undertaken to make a shawl:

  1. Setting up the loom:

    The loom needs to be specially mounted for each different size of craft. For shawls, setting up the loom takes 2-3 days and for blankets 3-4days. Setting up a
    Jacquard loom takes 7-10 days.
  2. Preparing yarn skeins :

    The skeins are rolls of yarn loaded into the shuttle that travels back and forth to lay down the horizontal "weft" of the weave across the long vertical "warp"
  3. Hand weaving :

    The weaver starts with her/his feet controlling the shuttle movement as the hands guide the bar that tamps down the weft thread as it is laid down. He has to
    maintain a consistent rhythm with hand and feet in order to produce a regular weave. This rhythm is the defining skill of a good weaver
  4. Massaging :

    Each woven piece is then hand massaged thoroughly to relax the fibres that have undergone stress during the weaving process. After the massage is finished, the
    wrap is ready to take to the dyer.

Art of Block Printing

The Art of Hand Paint

Hand-painted crafts in pure silk and in lightweight cashmere-silk blends are the epitome of luxury, style and fashion. We keep abreast of colour and design trends each
year to offer our discerning customers the best at very reasonable prices having a collection of more than thousand different designs, from florals to animal designs to
nature abstracts and others, but we do also welcome buyers' designs, whether in rough sketch or final graphics format.


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